John Lindsay hf.

John Lindsay ltd  was founded in Britain in 1926 by a Scotsman, John Lindsay.  Later he moved to Iceland to assist British trawler owners with supplies.  Using his knowledge of both countries Mr. Lindsay started gradually to build up his business.  One of the first agencies he acquired was Thermos Vacum Flasks.  In fact Lindsay was the first agency in the world for Thermos outside Britain,  its country of birth. John Lindsay ltd. is still the agent for Thermos after more than 80 years of service.

Today John Lindsay ltd is a well organised, technically advanced trading company focusing on the imports and wholesale distribution of foreign branded consumer goods for supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies.  The company has also a fast growing B2B division.

John Lindsay ltd  is constantly seeking new business opportunities and would welcome any enquiry that may leed to a new fruitful business relationship.

Our work is to import, distribute and to do all the marketing and merchandising work in the local market for our partners.  We seek full market penetration -a full listing for our suppliers in the Icelandic market.  We look upon ourselfs as an extention to the sales offices of our foreign partners. As a general rule we never work with competing brands.

Our work is to look after the interest of the brand – to maintain brand awareness and to ensure steady growth in sales.

We have a strong and well organized sales department calling regularily on all customers.   Our sales people and merchandizers work closely with buyers and individual store managers on instore marketing activeties, product displays, special offers etc.  Always making sure our products are being properly displayed in  order to secure sales.

Following are some of our partners;  Orkla, Toro, Mr. Lee brands, Orkla housecare, Thermos, Kimberly Clark, Kleenex, Huggies, Andrex, Papstar, Home Design, Royal, Jordan tooth products, Wepa, Captain kombucha, Wiener Ice coffee and more.

If you need a professional trading company to market your products in Iceland please give us a call or send us an email.

John Lindsay ltd.,
Klettagarðar 23,
104 Reykjavik,

Tel: +354 533 2600
Fax: +354 533 2620